Las Vegas, Grand Canyon by heli,
Toronto, Elora Gorge,
Camping near Perry Sound

Vegas Freemont Experience

Shiny happy people

First helicopter ride ever


Hoover Dam from up high

Me in the Grand Canyon

Canyon floor

Salt flats in Death Valley

Hoodoos that you dos so well

Devil's Golf Course

Desert moon

Not my friends, but I wish they were!

New camera Nikon EOS 60D

Ok, Blue Jays

Steven and Brad

Lunchtime in downtown Toronto

Sun in the city

Dim sum in Markham

Road trip to Elora Gorge

Antiques shop

Klem and James

Small town streets

Alexis in a hoodie

Beautiful scenery

Fixing my hair

Enjoying the wild outdoors


Fighting a cat

Ruud and the noodle girl

Chicago with Ed

Me and Marilyn

Start of my portage

Damn blackflies

Jamming in the woods

End of amazing day