Ed gave me a call and asked if
I wanted to join him on
El Camino de Santiago
I said Sure!

4 days, 100km on El Camino
It was more paved road than I expected
My feet were raw
Next time will hike in wilderness!

Civil unrest in Bilbao

Eating delicious pintxos

Pintxo bar in Bilbao

Zubizuri Bridge


Artwork at the Guggenheim

Attack of the killer spider


The river

Guggenheim Museum

The devil in me

Flower dog

Taking a train to Burgos

Burgos church

First steps on El Camino

Susan, Ed and Moi

Contraption on side of road

Electricity and tree

Cloudy countryside

My pilgrim shell


Ed....being Ed

Rocks and flowers

Rainy road

Rolling into town

Sleeping for the night

Outside San Bol Auberge

I'm a Pilgrim!

My co-pilgrims

Yo Sheep

Tired after walking

Fantastic view

Old buildings on El Camino

Walking on a road


Sheep Herder

Best view of the journey

Taking a quick break

Thanking god

I wish the whole Camino was like this

Rolling grass

Staying hydrated

Trying to find a taxi out of here!

Standing on a dam

See Saw

The last kilometer!

We quit! El Camino won!

Back in Madrid civilization

And more civil unrest

Trying to look unrestful

Ed and the door

Reminiscing on the good times