Scottsdale, Boston, New York
Salt Lake City, Montreal
Denver, Portland, Calgary
Regina, San Francisco, San Jose
Las Vegas

Hiking up Camelback Mountain

My hiking bud Tim

Sweeping views of Scottsdale


Running down before sundown

Denver Art Museum

Lone rider


The Nines, Portland

Portland bridge

The chicken prays for you


Calgary with the kids



Afternoon beer with Mom

Playing girls

Greying doggie

Hey chicks!

Tormenting the dog

Broadway Bares

Crowded show

But lots of eye candy

Times Square is all its glory

Dirty Vegas

Figuring out a plan

They found their wifi

Mystere....not so much

Beach at Mandalay

Beachfront property

Enjoying the Price is Right

Steven won $1000 in prizes!!! <SEE VIDEO>

The happy couple

America the Beautiful

Big paws

Pool at Flamingo

A little less conversation

One more jaunt to NY

Times Square is always cool

The TKTS steps

Winnie is pregnant! Yay!

Michael's big project

Getting ready for the shoot