Ayhan get his citizenship
And the drama that is Toronto Pride
Out of town visitors
Bought a new Lumix LX3
Leaving Toronto for a year!

Squishing Ayhan's head

Lounging around

My birthday meal!

Mccoy's new roommate

Ayhan becomes a Canadian!

Me and Cuneyt

Swearing allegiance

Proud Turk Canadian

A couple of canucks

Ooooh Canada

Can't stop. Won't stop.

b zhido Dan

Pride dinner

Eating beaver


Da boys

The amazing Integral House

Me in the bathroom

The festivities continue

Who knew there was money in math?

Perfect for acoustics

Stairway to heaven

Big hug



Bernard visits Toronto

Bernard on the fountain

Peeling windows


Farley turns...29 again!

Blue Jays in HDR (first try)

Me at the game

Subway is late!

David visits from SFO

Dinner at 360

Grape fruits

David and me

Tiramisu in Little Italy


Our afternoon ice coffee fix

Beautiful lizard

Scrabble in Kensington Market

Me taking a photo

Community Vehicular Reclamation

The rock in Yorkville

Riding the "Rocket"

Sangria in the Village

Me and Brad (ignore the hairy back)

Dundas Square at night

Lunch with Farley


David at the studio

Cyprus supervises the packup

Macro mode on my LX3

Lounging with Klem and Rob

Rob visits

Eating at the Keg

Tea with Ayhan and Zaid