I loved Vietnam.
From the beauty of Halong Bay
To the hilltop tribes of Sapa
To the crazy streets of Hanoi
To the craftspeople of Hoi An.
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Relaxing on deck in Halong

The backpackers boat

Kayaking among the karst

Steve looking behind

Dave enjoying the moment

Halong Bay

Kirsten and Steve

Salute to the flag

Drinking games on Halong Bay

Our view of the bay

Recovering before the climb

Secluded bay

My painful climb

To the top of the rope

It's a long way up

Dave on the second climb

Jack and Shaun on the sheer wall

Island puppy

Shaun and Liz

Amazing karst pillars

Greasy Cha Ca La Vong

Cheap To Tich fruit shakes

My Black Hmong guide

Hiking in Sapa

Among the rice paddies

Tilt Shift Miniature Vietnam

Dogs on the patties

Breathtaking views

Loving the hike

Karaoke in Vietnam

Living dangerously

Jack at the waterfalls

Exploring Sapa

Hiking again

Jack looking pensive

My hiking buddies

Children on the path

Giant spider

Red Dzao and her baby

Me and the Dzao

Preparing for a bike ride

Final farewells

Bun Bo Nam Bo in Hanoi

Motorcycles everywhere

Army museum

Plane of the "evil" Americans

David and Neil

Ride around old city super enjoyable

Metalwork street

Touring Ho Chi Minh Square

One Pillar Pagoda


Temple of Literature

Interesting rocks

Bonsai tree

By the Hanoi Hilton

Vietnamese cat

Shores of Hoi An


Stone carver


Colourful umbrellas

Interesting markets

Cycling to the beach

By the river

Fishing at sunset

Buying a duck

Vietnamese lady