Fun summer with friends.
Ayhan accepted to UofT
Quebec City for a conference
Nilgun comes to Canada
and as always...Pride festivities

Ready for a party

Ayhan accepted at UofT

Baha and Greg

Fabio and Cuneyt

Me and David

Los quatro amigos

Big hug

I'm a "round eye"!

Fun time

You are sentenced to DEATH!

Longest dinner ever at L'Utopie

PUR Hotel room in Quebec City


Masthead fountain

Woman on stilts

Boat cruise

Quebec city waterfront

Swimming pool?

Outside Old Quebec

Maple ice cream on Rue St Jean

Could I look any gayer?

Wall mural

Majestic Chateau Frontenac

Our patio at Auberge St. Antoine

Nilgun moves to Toronto

McCoy's territory gets invaded

Happy B-day Nilgun!

You never know what you'll see...

Perfect day for a parade

Trojan guy #1

Polar Ice hottie


Miss Wreck Beach

Mayor David Miller


Stilt boy

Omar the reporter

Red angel chick

Maybe I should get tickets

Lovely, just lovely

Fun parade to watch

Queen Mum in her glory

Some things are just plain wrong


Enjoying the sights


I think I'm turning Japanese

Jack and Olivia

Ayhan, Cuneyt and meee


McCoy and Ayhan

Church St. during Pride

Deck party at Radio City

Nilgun loves the dogs

Corn on the cob

Okay, I'll give free advertising for this

Da boys

Sitting and gawking

The real Alexander Wood