Odds and Ends for 2008.

It was a year without direction.
A year where I lost a lot.
Was given the gift of sight.
Visited a far off land...twice!
And started rebuilding for 2009.

Steven and Greg

Farley's Brigadoon


Tynan...double mmm...

The kids waving


Nilgun at Harbourfront

Seeing Karen in Dallas

Roy, the master camper

Enjoying nature


Ayhan returns to school

To work on his PhD

Remnants from Ike

Boats on the side of the road


Marking exams in Austin

Lan and the guitar

Brad getting poked

God bless the horny monkey

Capitol building

5 point star

Legislators on holiday

Brad in the spaghetti

Hi right ball...hi left ball...

How much is that doggy in the window

Xmas with the family

The girls opening gifts

Family pic

Ryan opening a gift


Lunch at Stan's


Stan the photographer

The gals

Me and David

Clubbing with Sis


Kirsty's bday timeline