So many different places.
All within a hop, skip, and jump.
Tokyo to see friends,
Chiang Mai at fab markets,
eco-touring Laos,
and the temples of Angkor Wat.

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Hotpot in Tokyo

The real sushi

Me and Kayla

Temple in Chiang Mai

Cat and bells

Pancake concoction

Children playing

Views of Luang Prabang

View from Sokxai GH balcony

Monks collecting alms

Street in Luang Prabang

Country folk

Sister and brother

Whistling girl

Boy with a scyth

Kuang Xi waterfall

Roadside pho

Watching the dragon boats

Rowdy festival

Reading Buddha with my BeerLao

Barber shop

Streets of Vang Vieng

Spelunking with Levi

Can you spot the Buddha?

Countryside house

Guided through the rice fields

Dragon boats

Vang Vieng organic farm

Beautiful sunset

Traditional "lap"

Panorama from Grandview GH

Stuck in a songtaew

Children on the road

Fish tank tv

Rice pot lady

Market in Vientiane

Victory Arch

Buddha image

Majestic Phra That temple

Another cat

Row of spires

Fantastic Buddha Park

Dave and the annoying child

Climbing the statues


Strangeness abounds



Leaving Douang Deuane

Sky like a painting

Landing in Siem Reap

My room at Le Meridien

Expansive garden

Touring Angkor Wat complex

Lots of buddha

Apsara in stone

Girl with civet cat

Temple in reflection

Neil and David by a tree

On Bakheng Hill for sunset


Elephants for rides

Scared of getting stepped on

Lotus flowers

Navigating the streets

Amazing Pra Thom

Nature reclaiming

Gate and tree

Bumped into Kirsten & Steve

Crazy enormous trees

Terrace of the Leper King

Steep stairs

Kissing buddha

Black heads

Learning history from guide

Banteay Srei

A bit templed out by the end

Long day for everyone

Entire jackfruit for $5!


Boy at Angkor Wat

Absolutely breathtaking

Library at dusk

David at sunset