Another trip to Asia for work
Met up with Faye in Bangkok
Met up with Mom in Kuala Lumpur
Otherwise pretty much busy with work

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Stayed in Little India, Singapore

Masjid Abdul Gafoor Mosque

A weekend trip to Bangkok

Me and Monkey Face

Grand Palace was super colourful

Buddha reclining

Buddha's feet fascinating

Dropping pennies into bowls

Walking around Wat Pho

A group massage session with Faye

Heading to Super Pussy...not!

On the river

My haircut at Chalachol

Seeing the Ladyboys at Calypso

Pet section of Chatuchak Market

Pad thai served in the pet market...hmm...

The Thais love their dogs

A new day in Kuala Lumpur

The view from Hotel Istana

The amazing Pavillion Mall

Mary made me pose with every tree

Mom at brunch

The monkeys at KL Tower

Petronas Towers are spectacular

Mom and Mary

Cooking outside

Fanning satay

Peter eating

Didn't I say "spectacular"?!

My beautiful Mom

Dressed for success

MGM Grand in Macau