Turkey with my babe.
Delicious food, beautiful landscape
and minarets everywhere.
A fantastic getaway
Where history abounds.

Theodosius Obelisk

Minarets, minarets, everywhere

The Blue Mosque

Three pencil minarets

Inside Blue Mosque

Boating past the yalıs

Kanyon Mall was spectacular

The Kali Cow

Cow harassment

On the ferry to Bandırma

Dancing in Gümbet

Boats in the bay

Bodrum tower


Two boats

Ducks on the boat cruise

Wearing Cleopatra's mud

Walking to Rabbit Island

Sun goddess

Me and Ayhan


Sunset at Limon

Nilgün had a long day

The boys

Partying at Halikarnas

Before it got totally crowded

Dancing Roy

Ayhan's morning tea

Delicious Turkish breakfast

Fork in the road in Yalıkavak

Miniature party

Ayhan joins in the dance

Gözleme girl

Relaxing in the salon room

Lining up for Ramadan's iftar

Expensive brunch at Mangerie

Hanging out

Beautiful Ortaköy

The old Greek patriarch building

Interesting neighbourhood

View from Pierre Lotti

Ismaıl and Ayhan

Iftar picnics in Eyüp

Visiting Eyüp Sultan tomb

In Kapadokya

Three chimneys

Interesting picture

Cave dwellings

Eerie eyeless murals

Delicious testi kebap in Şömine

Lounging chairs

Tunnels in underground city

Cute old seller lady

Ilhara Valley...a bit disappointing

Lunch on the river

Entrance to a kervansaray

Ayhan is sultan of the world!

Going to Ağzıkarahan

Melon ladies

Kilim maker--fantastic!

Sunset in Ürgüp

Filling the balloon

Flying high

Over the white valley

Watching the world float by

Dipping and rising

Ultimate village view

Champagne landing

View from Yunak Evleri

Killing time before our bus

Beautiful ceiling

Ayhan's university

Topkapı Palace

Ayhan's harem

Nice digs!

Alexander's sarcophagus

Protecting Constantinople with chains

Neat mehter band

Closest I got to a hamam

Smile Ismaıl!


Breathtaking Nusretiye Camii

Drinking tea AGAIN!

Istanbul's "chinatown"