Did Asia again.
I love that side of the world.
See my blog for more details.

Hello Kitty abounds in Asia

Me and Bud


Tian Tan Buddha

More statues

Year of the Pig

In Macau

Inside Grand Lisboa

Little puppy

Macau derelict

Japanese rock paper scissors

Ayhan, Warren, Noriko and me

Zen garden

Tea ceremony

Ayhan walks through

The mythical torii gates

Tea in our hotel

With the shabu shabu lady

Admiring the warriors

Terra cotta everywhere

Bell Tower in Xi'an

Me and the gargoyles

Koran carved inside Great Mosque

We're in the Forbidden City!

Ayhan like an emperor

In the garden

Professional finger painter

Mo's everywhere

In front of the nine dragons

Looking cool

Gold knocker

In the middle of Tiananmen

Free the chinese!

Trying to squint

Playing chinese games

Temple of Heaven

Carving my chop