Began my month vacation in Peru
With trusty Greg at my side
Undeveloped and magnificent country
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First day in Lima

Start of month long trip

With my buddy, Greg

Giant door

Always lots to buy

Chasing the birds

Greg's new friend

Please don't shit on me...

Miraflores, the safe part of Lima

Hazy sunset

Greg loves his chifa

Joined a GAP Tour

With some crazy characters

The 12-point stone

I loved Cuzco!

On the steps

The old lady

Haggling with a Celine fan

Jack's was a great restaurant

Rainbow flag signifies peace

Adobe bricks

Petting the locals

Don't you love the bowling hats?

Lord of the Flies

Peruvian women sprinted up hills

Altitude sickness

Peruvian delicacy: cuy

Ok, so we were living large


Say Chicha!

MOVIE: Greg playing Sapo

Sapo the game

In the ruins of Ollantaytambo

Starting our 3 day Lares Trek

Peruvian family

Craig and his toque

Erasmus on the mountain

Annabelle taking a break

Selling to the hikers

Altitude is a killer

Taking a break

Early morning fog

Alex in deep thought

Annabelle enjoying the view

Home on the mountain range

Group photo at the lake

Highest point: 4800m

I built a shrine to Pachamama

Strange trees

It was a great hike

And I felt so small

Saar and Greg

Our dinner tent

Thank goodness for hiking poles

A mountain horse

Greg at the waterfall

Perfect hiking weather

Traded photo for coca leaves

Like the kid's never seen an asian before

Sangeeta at Machu Picchu

Me at Machu Picchu

Deyton Peyton takes a rest


Amazing, majestic, and spiritual

Little lizard

The lone tree

Spanish never found this place

I still get shivers look at pics

Sitting on the suicide steps

Hiked up to Waynapicchu. Wow!

Greg is tempting Death

Are we there yet?

A blot on the mountainside

Harry at the top

Natural lawn mowers

Allillanchu! (Hello!)

Peru buddies

Crash Test Dummies

White water rafting on Urubamba

MOVIE: Standing wave

MOVIE: getting sloshed

Transport of kings

On Lake Titicaca

The island of Taquile

My homestay bud, Joe

Our homestay on Amantani

Soccer with the locals

Dancing with the locals

Tired out

Group shot

Joe moves in on the daughter

Looking spiffy

Eating breakfast

Our "mom"

Floating on the Uros Islands

Islands made of reeds

Like walking on a hay bale

Joe in the lookout