Las Vegas was great!
Lost $400, ate like a pig.
Saw 'O' (breathtaking)
And Chippendales (was I the only guy?!?)
Farley's F*@ker show
Lights up the Panorama Lounge

This was the coolest hotel: NYNY

Statues outside MGM

The year of the Cock

Big ass firecrackers

Lobby of the Bellagio

The shops by Caesar's Palace

FAO's trojan horse

Beautiful Venetian canal


Invite for Farley's show, by me

The boys were invited

As well as the girls

To see some F*@kers


Isn't Toronto non-smoking?

Walking the runway

The Merman

Even knitted sweaters

He's a firefighter in R/L

Farley's Angels

Big hair

Me and Farley