My friend Greg was taking Spanish school in Spain
And Carl and Eric were travelling around the world
So we all met up in Barcelona and had a blast!
Looking forward to returning someday.

Traditional sardana dance

Arched stairwell

Castell in Tarragona

Umbrella place

Our fantastic apartment

Dave and Anthony

It was a great space

I love my pillows when I sleep

Temple de la Sagrada Familia

Eerie face

We figured out the connection

Inside was amazing

Unlike anything I've seen

It is still being built

But we climbed the tower

All the way to the top

And took pictures along the way

Talk about phallic

Doves on a tree

Greg perfecting his Spanish

At Park Guell

Built by Antonin Gaudi

Is fascinating

With Greg and Eric

So unconventional

Posing in the park

Trying to push him up the side

So we could sit

Resting my feet

Casa Mila / La Pedrera

Another Gaudi creation

Casa Batllo by Gaudi

Every turn was a photo op

Greg enjoying the view

A picture for a picture


I look like such a tourist

Similar to the Park!

So colourful too

Hottie on the roof

Shopping for groceries

Our evening entertainment

Made it really feel like Spain

Then to the tapas

Enjoying our meal

Cable car to Montserrat

Was a knuckle-clenching climb

But we survived

Group photo

Greg almost got caught in the door


Candle wall

Greg taking photos

And petting the locals

Okay, so I'm a sucker too...


Hiking to the top

Was long but worth it!

Quaint church

Capturing memories

Enjoying the view


Top of the world

I feel so small

Back to the monastary

Eric and Carl's 4:23 picture

Drinking sangria on the Ramblas

And watched the street performers


Our last group hug