Singapore street meat is delicious!
And touring Japan
I met some really great people
And got a taste of the crazy Japanese culture

Singapore skyline

Museum of Asian Civilizations

The Actuary's prayer!

Scary looking


Sunset on the river

Temple in Little India

Street meat! Yum!

Chili crab was delicious

Night zoo was fun too

Watched a tribal dance

Climbing the pole

Tokyo Keio line map

Big eyes

Shinjuku was fabulous

Taiko drumming: the game

Busy intersections

And lots of neon

Made Tokyo fascinating


Cool store sells top 5

Japanese pastime: pachinko


So much tradition

Including fortune sticks

That tell your fate

In many languages

Tie it up and it'll come true

Big lantern

Temple in Asakusa

Souvenir shopping

Akihabara for electronics

Sexy Pablo

Ducks feet...hmm...

Doing the Japanese peace sign

Me and Eduard

My first time eating sashimi

It was quite tasty

View from the table

Bussing to Shibuya

I finally found Hachiko!



It was fun!

I should change professions


Eduard and Aya rock the house

I should dress Mccoy in a kimono

Hi-tech toilets

With Daniel in Osaka

Day trip to Hiroshima

A-bomb dome

Remnants of the war

Peace memorials everywhere

Paper crane signifies peace

Along with a bell

Memorial was memorable

Showing the cost of war

Beautiful drum

8:15, 60 years ago

The vicious deer of Miyajima

Beautiful town

With the floating shrine

Vividly Japanese


Empty sake

Just me

And buddha

And the biggest rice scoop in the world!

Waterview of Miyajima

Ray and Dean join us in Osaka

The Glico guy!

Being silly

The photo booths were a blast

Another tourist trap

Of course, I took a ride

Osaka is a bit grey

In nearby Nara

Great scenery

The Todai-ji Temple

All hail buddha

He must laugh at the tourists

Huge bell

Purifying water

Prayers to be sent

Big red dots

On the subway

Daniel and the fairy

Kyoto with Johnnie Hillwalker


Taking a rest


Making rope

Humble beginnings of Nintendo: GoStop!

More prayers

Sleeping in a capsule hotel!

Expo 2005: Nature's Wisdom

-30? That's nothing!

Me, Kiccoro and Morizo

The art of calligraphy

A robot receptionist

The pavilions with 3 hours lineups

I stuck with the no-lineups

Some were really impressive

The Canadian pavillion was one of the best

Sunset at Expo

Spanish pavilion

Eerie green lights

Practical use of a turnstile

At night

Pavilions look spectacular

And the park becomes surreal

Cutest mascots

Final farewell to Japan

Cameraphone pic Pablo sent