Trip to Asia for work!
Visited my friend Faye in Guangzhou
Faye, Jeff and Susan were great hosts
As we ate like royalty in Guangzhou (for cheap)
Best food ever!
And Shanghai and Hong Kong were neat places

Guangzhou has the best food!


From Jeff's unorthodox massage

Trip to Shanghai

With Faye, Jeff and Susan

They were great planners

And we went to some interesting places

A temple in Gong Li

Faye and the lotus

Looks like eyes--I get goosebumps.

Beauty grows from ugly places

Cute couple

In a chinese garden

I look so out of place!


Nice windows

Our bamboo meal was delish

Faye does a runway walk

Professional paper cutter

Koi pond

Beautiful town of Tongli


Enjoying the ride

Our driver

The bird fisher

Just taking it in

Such interesting architecture

The girls

Cruising the Bund

Me and Susan

Shanghai dragon

Very busy square

For Shau Long Bau. Yum!

Bau stuffers

I look like such a tourist!

Beautiful buildings

Our touring group

The Dragon Wall

Taking a break

Stone table

Goddess statue

Jinmao skyscraper

Flying back to Guangzhou

Me in Hong Kong

Such a busy city

And a different culture

Neat mural

A minute slice of HK skyline

The ferry to Kowloon

Doing my biz

I tried Wong Yau Hai

And it was disgusting

Up on the peak

The tram

Just like "The Donald"