December was a crazy travel month
San Diego to mark actuarial exams
Then Boston to train clients
Then a 24 hour nightmare flight
from Boston to Calgary on Xmas Eve
But it was all good.

Elephant's welcome

Watching the panda bears

It was so amazing

Such peaceful creatures

The zoo rocked!

Some duckies

Polar bears were so cool

Eating up high

Baby giraffe

Hakuna matata

Brown bear

Rhino in repose

Koala bear sleeping

Pretty in pink

Neat mall by the hotel

Why's my head look so big?

Lost in old town

Going to Tijuana

Drugstores and liquor stores

But fun restaurants as well

Quick shots

Nastiest girl

Brad told me to jump

Train station

Art museum

God, was this embarassing!

HOT waiter at Brazilian buffet

This is probably his girlfriend! :(

Santa Speedo Run in Boston

Yum...I've been a good boy

My second time in Boston

Fanueil Hall looks the same

These were done by kids?

Nice city

In Calgary with the kids

They're so cute!