2004: Year of the Survivor

First it was Hatch
Then Ethan and Jenna
Me: a new job and a break-up
Karen marries anew
We're all survivors.

Goin' to Hawaii...

Atlantis Hawaii cruise

Is that a yellow dot?

Cruise so much fun

Me and the Hatch

On a boat

Just lookin

Republic of Kiribati

Sweet beaches

Sweet sunbathers

And my sweetie (...ex, haha)

Which way to Toronto?

Pineapples grow from the ground!

Surveillence photos

Maui shoreline

Miss Richfield and the cruise director

Had a bit of seasickness

Before the boat sank...:)

Photo class project--Cruise panorama

Photo class project--British Museum 2002 panorama (can you see me?)


My first print ad

Farley the starf*cker

Signing shoes

Okay, so I starf*ck too

Farley and Ethan

Fashion Cares fashion

Good looking couple

In a Chatto original

My 15 minutes of fame

Karen and Matt tie it

Seeing Avi and Ish in Winnipeg