Summer 2003

Met my boyfriend, Rick.
He's such a sweetie.
Los chicos de me curso de espaņol.
Good times in Rochester and NYC.

My home away from home

Rick in a dress

Eating watermelon

Enjoying the parade

Looking at digital photos

Toronto Pride

Walking to the parade

Me and my baby

A big fish

Having some alone time


Gregoria--Senorita Cosa

Pride CD cover


Shake that ass!

Joe giving a show

Clearly Canadian

What's over there?

Leo and Baha

Sexy Greg

The other actuary

Pink Buddha

Faye showing off her hooker heels

Crystal looking cute

My sexy boyfriend's toes

Cooking dinner

Cornhill Festival

Big dog

Rick lounging on his porch

Having a beer

The hostess with the mostest

Petting Woody

Joey and Kang

Saturday Night Fever

Party time in Rochester

My, what a big mouth you have...


Bob and Jed

Icing his coffee

Museum loitering

NYC boys