Fellow of the Society of Actuaries 2003

Fellowship party in Toronto.
Fellowship party in DC.
Bumping into old friends, making new ones.
Bringing Rick to my parties was a bit unnerving
as I have never been that "out" before.
But it was amazing to have him there.

FSA cake

Paul and Brent

Brent and me


Faye and Jeff

Faye's model shot

Squeeze the cook

David and me

Group hug

Isn't he cute?

My bud, David

Whoda thunk we'd all be coupled?

Crouching tiger, hidden flagger

Chinese cowboy

What a cute couple

Yuen and Marc

Horsing around

That hat is getting around


Michael and David

Brent and his beer

The old Group Pricing gang

Winnie flagging

The old new FSAs

Still room for one more

Birds of a feather...

Party patio

Jello shooters for everyone!

Oooh! Aaaah!

Yeah, that's me

Matt and Karen

Karen and Matt

Pete from NY

6 new FSAs from U of Calgary! Wow!

My FSA gang

...the other half of the gang

At the banquet

Jeff the skater

Lots of food and drink

Cool chick Alisa

The edible flower

Doesn't he look like an actuary?

Hmm, must have been the onions

Tim in deep thought

Me getting my certificate

Jeff showing off

Rick and me

Canada Lifers

Pete getting his FSA

Enjoying the show

You go Karen!

Alisa getting her certificate

Tim got it too

Yay! I did it!

Farley made my suit

Group pic

Sitting on Einstein

Rick in the park

Can you see me??

Rick looks miffed

Karen the "Fellow"

Extra pic--SK2002 Invite

FSA invite