Actuarial Xmas.
I got a box of chocolates.

Seeing friends in warm Houston.
Hanging out with a great group of guys.
Restaurants with huge servings.
And 2-stepping...or more like

The Xmas gals

Showing off gifts

Watching the gift exchange

We look like a couple! ha!

Ms Pacman in Houston

Chilling at Bryan's place

It's true love...

At the museum

Waiting for Jerome

Shoulder pat

Another actuarial student, Jeff

Never misses a chance to work out

What's he doing?...

....playing museum games

Breakfast at Peeps

Giovanni's smile

It's tough work being so sexy

The DC boys

Strange habits

Why is his tongue always out?

My 2-step partner...until a good song

Being catty over breakfast

Get into a line, girls