Thanks for the fun in the sun.
Wish we could have stayed longer!

Keep in touch everyone

I knew Bryan needed help looking so thin

Bryan going parasailing

Bye Brian

Perfect landing

I'm flying!

PV from up high

Giovanni suiting up

Giovanni coming in

Gio and Scilla relaxing

What a cutie!

Laughing by the pool

The cute couple

Do they stop?


PV church

A big orange iguana

Same to you buddy...:)

My tattoo

My tattoo after sitting down

PV the CD

Paul doing what he does best...

...relax, drink, and look cute

Remnants of the Malecon

Our new Toronto friend, Gabriel

Me and my Gio

Hot lips Bryan

The only pic of me and Paul

Paul on the beach

Beautiful PV sunset

A day of shopping

His perspective

With Gabriel & Adrian