Winter 2001:
San Fran with the Boys.
A visit from Sis.
Sing Along Sound of Music.
Montreal Tourney: Odyssey 2001

Retro San Fran postcard, by Wes

Bad(tz) Stephen and Hello David

Standing on the hills

It's ME!


Alcatraz from the ferry

The Castro

My sister adds colour

My two sisters

Sing Along Sound of Music

The Von Queer Family

For the last time...I'm a WORLD OF MEN!


The grand prize costume

Nice rod.

Nice smile.

Nice legs!

I was walking down the street one day...

Scoping out the competition

Randy didn't get much sleep...

Tired from a bronze medal finish

Stepping out with my baby...

Should I have the red or white?

This drag show sucks...pass the wine

Telling another story

There was a line up for the toilet...

Getting pretty

Bod shot

Ready for the Balle en Blanc

Warhol revived

Aye sir!

Lookin' good