May 21- Turning 415: The Vicarious Sabbatical

It's been 5 years since my sabbatical "Turning 365". Time really flies.

Since I have been back to Toronto, I have been happy as a clam. That year off took away my wanderlust. The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the's pretty much the same colour, with some dead patches, and a few trees to climb, but by then you're in someone else's backyard and they'll call the police on you for trespassing and you'll get sent back to your side of the fence.

So why am I here again looking over the fence? Well, Felipe, a lovely guy, has found his way into my life and now his own dreams become mine. He had become a bit antsy at work and wanted to try something different--volunteer, travel, learn French. So I let the wanderlust rebuild inside as I helped him research some options and now here we are. Packing up our stuff and ready for another year abroad.

We will be heading to Bolivia, where Felipe will be volunteering for a non-profit organization for 4 months. Then to Colombia for a couple of months. Then probably Europe for 6 months.

And this time I will be working full time, remotely from whereever I am. So this will be a challenge--it will be a true test to see if we are living in a virtual world.




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